Question for Merry Grace: When and how did you get into Art?


When and how did you get into Art?
I remember in grammar school Art was always enjoyable. In seventh grade I joined All Saints-St Anthony’s Teen Club. The ladies club at the church had a banner making committee and I joined that. They taught me how to draw letters and figures and attach them to the banners that hung in the church. I was making my own jewelry and wearing it to these meetings, and one of the ladies asked me if I sold my jewelry. She said “I would buy it if you did.” She also told me that at the end of the month the Ladies Club was having a BIZZARE and I could get a table and sell my jewelry.

I spent the whole month making jewelry and MER WEAR was born! Selling jewelry was a success for me – just about everyone had a piece of MER WEAR. I needed to create something new, something different. MER WEAR expanded to clothing, socks, headbands, legwarmers and purses. When I saturated that market, I focused on miniatures that were housed in small boxes. I made it, I sold it and they bought it. I began to realize I had a talent. When I see an unusual object I say to myself “what can I make from this” and save it. That’s how the Art work in the Wet Paint Lounge came to be. I collected beer caps and wine corks for 15 years because some day I was going to make something… And I did.