Jose Colon

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Kristin Brudzisz

Kristin is a painter who loves working on any surface. History, architecture, and culture are areas where she looks for inspiration for her work. When she is not teaching or painting, she loves being outdoors, working in her garden, sculpting the land, and tending to the vibrant colors of her plants and flowers. She is passionate about animals, domestic and wild.

Kristin is also a Middle School Art teacher in the southwest suburbs. She studied at Saint Xavier University, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Savanna School of Art and Design. She recently earned her Master of Education Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University. There Kristin focused on Creating Community and Collaborative Art with her middle school students. Whenever she is teaching, her goal is to create authentic learning experiences for her students while building and facilitating relationships among students and their community.

Rachel Frain

Self taught artist Rachel Frain began drawing and sketching at the age of three. Encouraged by her mother, portrait artist Lois Collins, Rachel developed a love for fine art and painting. Her paintings mirror the inner passion that she feels all women exude. The vibrant colors and textiles used in her works reflect the mental and emotional state she begins with before she touches the canvas. Rachel looks to a variety of artists for inspiration but cites Gustav Klimt as one of her favorites, along with the the genius and fashion visionary, Alexander McQueen. Rachel has worked in collaboration with CocoMocha Studio in designing for their line of women’s art wear and t-shirts since late 2009.