Here are the details for our private events! We offer two pricing options – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the price per painter is $35 per person. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the price per painter is $40 per person. We require a $100.00 deposit, which is payable via PayPal, debit, or credit. If you prefer to pay the deposit with cash, you are welcome to come into Wet Paint, and we will issue you a receipt. Just let us know which method you prefer. The minimum number of people required is 10, or the total equivalent, which is on weekends – $400, and during the week (Monday through Thursday) $350. If the minimum isn’t met, we will take the difference from the deposit.


Once the deposit is paid, we will set up a link for you to email or text to your guests to prepay.

The Event Package Includes

  • everything you’ll need for your painting experience
  • talented and helpful instructor, painting assistants – paint, brushes, canvases, easels, aprons
  • you choose the painting – if you give us advanced notice we will have stencils made and ready to make your experience a snap!
  • you and your guests will take home your own masterpiece
  • time to hang out in our Society Lounge before and after painting
  • plates, napkins, wine glasses and champagne glasses
  • we have an ice bucket, a freezer, and a refrigerator
  • you can bring your own food, snacks, and any beverage you would like to drink.
  • let us know your 7 favorite musical artists, so we can create a personalized playlist for you.
  • we have a large, free parking lot on the north side of the building.

It is very important that your group arrives on time, to ensure a pleasant experience and have the maximum amount of time to party!! It also helps us keep our schedule as well. Let us know if this sounds good to you, and if you have a date in mind. You can choose whatever you’d like to paint!


It is best to reach us via email with the form to the right or text directly to 773-916-6174 – these will get the fastest response! You can also reach us at our secondary number 773-313-6494.


Thanks so much for your interest in Wet Paint Chicago! As a small business, we really appreciate our customers!

We would love to hear from you!
You can also send us a text at 773-916-6174 or
email us at